• Nolo.com:This is a plain English law dictionary

  • Justia.com: The company provides Internet users with free case law, codes, regulations, legal articles and legal blog and twitter databases, as well as additional community resources.

  • Small Business Administration (sba.gov): SBA.Gov is the official site of the U.S. Small Business Administration.This website comprehensively covers many important areas of information concerning starting a business including sections on starting a business, registering a business, loans & grants, running a business, and business law.

  • LLRX.com: US Law Legal Research: LLRX.com is the premier free, independent, one person produced Web journal dedicated to providing legal, library, IT, CI, marketing, communications and administrative professionals with the most up-to-date information on a wide range of Internet research and technology-related issues, applications, resources, and tools.

  • Responsive Law: Many groups represent the interests of lawyers, courts, and industries. We’re the only organization representing the interests of individuals in the legal system.

  • Cornell Law School: This is a not-for-profit group that believes everyone should be able to read and understand the laws that govern them, without cost. We carry out this vision by, Publishing law online for free, creating materials that help people understand the law, Exploring new technologies that make it easier for people to find the law.