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Eviction Process in Kentucky

For those who own and manage investment property,  the eviction process is both a necessity and a source of frustration.  Formally called forcible detainer, the eviction procedure required to reclaim possession of a property from a tenant is time consuming and sometimes stressful. Evictions can be initiated for any breach of a lease by a [...]

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Will The Cops Take My Cell Phone?

MY CELL PHONE.  CAN THE COPS TAKE AND SEARCH ALL OF MY PICTURES, TEXTS, VOICEMAILS, AND ASK MY CELL PHONE COMPANY FOR A DETAILED HISTORY OF MY WHEREABOUTS WITHOUT A WARRANT? The short answer is yes. However, they will need a search warrant.  Today’s cell phones contain lots of personal private information.  Pictures, contact information, [...]

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Real Estate Due Diligence Quick Tip

Performing due diligence is the singular most important part of investing in real estate. Typically, a real estate purchase agreement permits the buyer to investigate financial data and the property itself prior to closing without commitment to the acquisition. An investor must be certain that the property they are seeking to acquire is all that [...]

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Landlord – Tenant Liability

Our firm believes in educating clients. An informed client makes informed decisions.  As a service to those visiting our website we periodically post significant changes in legal precedent. Below is a Kentucky Supreme Court Decision impacting landlord-tenant law in the state of Kentucky that clarifies the legal theory of comparative fault as it to applies [...]

New Website Launch

We are very excited to finally launch our new website and blog. Thank you for visiting. We will be using this blog to write about important business legal issues. Please reach out to us if you have any specific topics you would like to read or learn more about.  Just email us via the contact [...]

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